About Us

Independent brewery and Bistro Grandagarði 8, 101 RVK.


Bryggjan Brewery is an indiepent brewery, bistro and bar at Grandagarði 8 by the Reykjavik harbour. Our ambition lies in producing and offering large variety of food and drinks from quality ingredients. Our bar has 12 draft beer pumps that deliver fresh craft beer directly from the brewery. We have a special wine cabinet that keeps the perfect temperature on our rich wine collection.

Our capacity is 280 guests and is open fram 11 to 00 on Sunday to thuesday and 11 to 01 on Friday and Saturday.


We have large variety of fresh gourmet courses from icelandic sea food and classic courses hand picked by our head chef Margrét Ríkarðsdóttir.


Our ambition is to have quality beers straight to the glass from the brewery from our 12 beer pumps. We also want to deliver quality wines selected by our sommelier Arturo Santoni Rousselle on perfect temperature from our special made wine cabinettes. Andrew brewer and Arturo sommelier have used their knowlegde to pair beer and wine with our menus and our bartenders are known for their wonderful coctails.


We can have up to 100 guests in our Brewery room and that makes it perfect for groups and various occasions. The room can be privat and has projectors and all modern technology for meetings and gatherings.


The peer can accomodate up to 100 people and is very popular on drinks and nice food on sunshine days.

Story of the house

The house has a historical background, built in 1947 by Bæjarútgerð Reykjavíkur. Bæjarútgerð Reykjavíkur (BÚR) was a fish processing and shipping company in Reykjavík. The fishery was established when the first innovative trawler Ingólfur Arnarson arrived on the 17th of February 1947. The City Council of Reykjavik agreed a few years ago to build a freezing house and in 1959 Bæjarútgerð bought a house built for the Fisheries at Grandagarður 8 where Bæjarútgerð had operated a freezer and a canning factory . When Ísbjörn hf. and Reykjavik’s Reykjavík Municipal Association merged with Granda hf. On November 13, 1985, the freezing was stopped at Grandagarður 8 so the house was unoccupied for a long time, the house is now hosting the Museum of Maritime History in Reykjavík.